Welcome to Artisan Organ

We at ARTISAN ORGAN are dedicated to assisting the Organ Builder, and his Client, achieve a harmony in Design between the Architectural Style of the edifice and the visual components of the Pipe Organ. We do not build tonal parts of the organ, but act as Design Consultants for the exterior, and build Art Items pertinent to the design of the casework.

ARTISAN ORGAN is directed by Tony Devroude, Architectural Designer, having over 40 years experience in the contract field of Theme and Classical Period Design here in the USA and Internationally.

Our services include :

  •                 Casework Design or Design Consultation.
  •                 Producing the Casework Façade Millwork, Millwork Drawings, or Artistic Components thereof.
  •                 Producing Artwork Items as specified by others, or reproducing lost arrtwork.
  •                 Stenciling of pipes, inlays of wood, and other art items per existing period design, or creating new artwork.
  •                 Fabrication of special Wooden Display Pipes per the Tonal Director’s specifications.